Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Drive-by Shooting...

Yesterday morning I (safely) tried a photographic experient: I photographed at various points on my journey into work. This involved taking "random" snaps, trying to capture the scene as best I could without looking through the viewfinder or stopping to compose. Eyes on the road, speed moderated and only done while the traffic before and after was pretty far away. Honest officer.

It was a very sunny frosty morning. I wanted a high-contrast effect. I used a high shutter speed to create this, to encourage silhouettes and to freeze the motion of the image as much as possible. The sun was in my face most of the way too.

I got some interesting images - I have cropped these for maximum effect, rotated where they were severely squint (as most were) and with some auto balance as the only other tweak.

Not my usual sort of thing, but I'm trying to try new stuff..

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ivan,

I am not sure about this technique, although I commend you on investigating other techniques.

To me the inability to look through the viewfinder to compose the shot and get feedback from what you are seeing, creates a large hole in one's photographic expression. Too much for me. Becomes a random process rather than a process of expression. Even though one can point the camera and have some idea what one will shoot.

The images that you created are, however, well taken-good focusing and good use of light. But they do nothing for me I am afraid.

I like the cropping.