Thursday, February 22, 2007

Cropping Assignment - Photo Mono Lake

Here are my choices of cropping for the photo Mono Lake

This is the original photo. It cries out for a panoramic format but I wanted to avoid the obvious so I spent some time really looking at the photo and tried to see the elements that appealed to me.

This salt (?) structure is what stood out for me so I took that as my focal point. Here I attempted to use the stream in the foreground to lead the viewer in, and removed some of the sky to focus the eye more on the structure.

In this crop, I used a square format and opened up the image to allow more elements to be see, such as the clouds and the subtle colour in the sky. I have also used the mountain range as a background and pulled emphasis away from the salt structure.


1 comment:

Critical Light said...


Nice crops - I like number one the best. Number two feels very central and less dynamic.

Re the obvious panoramic crop - that may be the best on afterall...obvious may be obvious for a reason.

Good effort, though.