Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Halifax Pride Parade

On Saturday Halifax had its annual Pride Parade so Sue and I went along in the rain to have a look. I took my camera and shot images that jumped at me. So, to keep the blog alive I thought I would post some of what I took. I was using my 100-300mm which is great for working with people. Damian

Sue walking in the rain. The contrast between the bright colours of her clothes and the black umbrella and her partially hidden face, appealed to me...
This is a copper on a horse. The bright colours of the Pride flag and the dark horse provided a good contrast which caught my eye. I also like the boot of the rider poking out beyond the flag...
Here there was a match between the white/red of the fire truck and the white/red of the dress which struck me. But there was also this mis-match too between the straight lines of the truck and the circles of the dress. Then the contrast with the black top. And finally the subtle Pride colours.
While everyone was watching the Parade I was also looking at the people. I really like this shot. There are some nice reflected colours on the wet road.
The flying flags and this guy in very Pride clothing was too good to miss.

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Gareth said...

There's something about rain and saturated colours which always works. IMO you did absolutely the right thing by watching the crowd while everyone else's lenses were pointing towards the parade itself. Always the best approach.

Polka dress works best for me.