Friday, July 27, 2007

Sunset on Marmot Island, Gulf of Alaska

Here is another photograph that was taken while I was doing fieldwork in the Gulf of Alaska in the winter of 1996. The image was scanned at 4000 ppi. The original image was very dark so I used the shadows and highlights tool to balance the tones a little better, although it is still not perfect.

I find this image very calming and like the contrast between the rather monochrome foreground and the setting sun in the background.



Gareth said...

The change in the saturation of the colours is very striking. I almost thought it was completely mono until my eye caught the sun in the top left. That's the strength of this one, the colour range. Did you get any more shots at this point?

Critical Light said...

Hi Gareth,

No, I don't think I did although I should go back and have a look. Your interpretation is interesting because I never really thought of it as an almost mono shot but now I look at it, it seems obvious. What struck me was, of course, the colours of the setting sun but also the red buoys hanging from the tree and their contrast with the dark hues of the tree and the white snow.

Its interesting how sometimes you can miss the obvious and the interpretations of others on your photos. More the reason for this blog...

By the way, is Ivan away somewhere?


inspired said...

very beautiful ;o]

Gareth said...

Hi Damian,

Yep, definitely go back and have a look to see if there are more.

And Ivan's around - seeing him tomorrow night - probably just rushed off his feet at the moment!