Thursday, July 12, 2007

What is it that we want

What is it that we want?

Do the contributors to this blog have any thoughts on what they would like this blog to provide. Or are they quite content with ocassionally posting a blog and reviewing those posted. I sense a feeling of the blog being 'lost' or almost bored with the repetitive reveiwing of one image after another. I very much enjoy in on to see what has been posted and to post daring images for your critical comments. But I do feel that perhaps there is something more that we could develop here. No idea what but then I haven't given it much thought. Perhaps we need more blogging on photo tips and techniques or something...

I think it would be a good idea if we could spend a few minutes thinking about what we would like the blog to give us, if anything at all...



Anonymous said...

I like the posting and critiquing of images, mine and yours, a lot. I'd like the blog to do exactly what it says on the blog header:

A forum for discussions and views on photography, the creative photographic process, digital image making techniques and equipment.

I think we have all posted on these in the past, but posting and critiquing of images does tend to be the majority. Perhaps we should up the number of general posts, where we discuss what we think or feel about certain photography-related issues, how we take photos, what we look for, recent experiences. I'd agree that those types of post would add more depth and richness to the site. Also, reviews of any equipment or software we have (who has CS3 - fancy doing a mini-review for us?).

Good thought-provoking post, D.


Critical Light said...

Perhaps we should start then with definitions of what is listed in the sub-title:

What is meant exactly by:
'the creative photographic process'
'digital image making techniques'

I think reviews on any new equipment we purchase would be valuable. I hope to provide a review on the new fixed lens I purchased a while ago and on the camera sensor cleaning gear produced by Visible Dust that I bought last week.


Anonymous said...

Why don't you start us off then..with your view of what is meant by the above..