Monday, December 10, 2007

Beachwalkers; The Ann Miles/Gareth Marlow crop

This is the result of the Ann Miles crop (lose the sea) and Gareth's crop (lose the LHS to off-centre the figures).

I do think it's better all round, and a great way (as D says) to use the blog.

Regarding D's comments, this scene didn't exist, so it's an artistic interpretation of what I WANTED it to be. Myself - or anyone else - can enjoy it just the same, for it's appeal is purely visual and emotional. Artist's change stuff all the time when they paint, and it's not as if the scene is so fantastical that it COULDN'T exist; it could have, had the weather conditions been more conducive. The sky is from the same place, a little later in the day, so I've combined two elements from the same place to improve the image.

As for D's other point, some consideration before you take the picture is good, but sometimes time and the light mean you have to be quick; but then it's down to planning, knowing the area, anticipating the light, getting into position and being there, ready, when you need to click, so I see what he's getting at. Great landscape photographers put in the preparation to make sure they can have the time to plan and think, and be ready when the light gets great. Sometimes, snapshots work too, if you're lucky...

Comments welcomed as ever.



Gareth said...

I think that image is now a winner, I really do. Which goes to prove that I'm better than Ann! (I wish)

Damien, controversial points that you raise. I'm happy, morally, that Ivan uses this image. He's constructed an image from raw data that he's captured and manipulated himself. I've never added a sky before but I have been surprised at the eminence of some of the photographers we've seen at Camera Club who do this sort of thing.

In the past, I've cloned stuff out and on occasion I've copied an unblinking face on a group photograph to a subsequent image where a person has blinked. This is about the furthest extent of gross manipulation, but most of the images I deal with have a bit of "punch" added with curves and/or levels and/or local contrast enhancement. I suppose you could argue that any manipulation is moving away from a pure image but as Ivan says - you don't always get the light you want and it's lighting which is the subject of most of my post-processing work, rather than elements of the image.

Having said that, the very best images are those where the lighting has been skillfully controlled or anticipated - or just stumbled upon and recognised - by the photographer and captured as-is. In my opinion, of course...

moo said...

I just stumbled across this blog when searching for another Anne Miles with an "e". I really love the picture and most especially because of the vast sky. Havn't yet discovered the original but will explore.

moo said...

Found the others now and also realise it is likely one and the same Ann Miles that I was looking for. Still prefer the crop with all the sky at the top to Ann Miles crop but then I am not a judge!
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