Tuesday, April 25, 2006

April's Assignment - a short delay


Due to bad planning on my behalf, can we extend the timeline for the April Assignment (Portraits) until Friday 05 May? I've not had time to get to it with all the DIY going on in our house, and I have some time off this week too, so no chance of getting in on time for me.

Don't let this stop you all submitting whenever, but perhaps the dearth of entries means we are all up against it a bit...?Let me know what you think (note: as it's my gig this month, I'm taking until 05 May anyway, but this has been dressed up to look like a request....!).

The Critical Eye (as Damo calls me)


Critical Light said...

Hello there,

I have another proposition. Since Ivan is unable to meet the deadline (does this remind you of your school days Ivan?), and I too have not yet produced anything (!), why don't we extend it through to end of May. One reason for this extra long extension, is that I am away for 16 days in May so with the extension of the portrait task, I will very unlikely meet the deadline for the next task.

If we agree to this, we can all post our images sometime in May with the absolute deadline being end of May.


Anonymous said...

Sounds OK to me? Grant, you OK with this too?

bishopsindubai said...

yalla (Arabic for ok).

I have a couple of portraits ready... I might post one anyway for rating and will be scouting for more...

No problems from myside.

Now - no more "the dog ate my homework" excuses!