Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Beach - cropped

Damian doesn't escape the treatment either...!

I love the beach images that Damian has submitted. The energy of the waves, the brooding or peaceful skies, and the perfect beaches, unspoilt by footprints. Really nice. I think that they can also work if a more horizontal format is used. Without a focus (rock, wood, seal) in the foreground, the sand, however perfect or reflective, looses impact in my opinion. Tightening the format to emphasise the sea rolling in horizontally, and still maintaining the beach and sky, increases it's impact for me. It creates more focus on the dynamic elements, but keeps them in context too. The viewer is engaged in the scene a little more, by forcing the view more deliberately.

Just my view...

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Critical Light said...

Hi there,

OK. I see what you mean. And it does focus the eye more. I haven't yet done any panoramic images yet because of the cost of printing at the local store. But I intend to do lots when I get my own printer.