Sunday, February 26, 2006


Here are some photographs of sand. On Sable after heavy rain followed by freezing temperatures, high winds blow away the loose sand and create sculptures. These may only last for a morning so the timing to take photographs of these 'sculptures' is important.

Loose sand meets frozen sand

This photograph shows the two 'types' of sand coming together. It was very well defined.


I took this photograph because of its simplicity and the different shades of sand.

Spinning Top

This is an example of how intricate these frozen sculptures can be. Taking this photograph was a bit of a challenge for me and the camera because the wind was still very strong and when I was this low down I literally got sand blasted.

Cliff Edge

Another example of the delicate designs. In this photograph I also like the different shades and colours of the sand particles.

This last photograph was from a high-sided 'tunnel'. There were three in line with each other and each one had a different 'design'. The tunnel shown here was the best of the three. Damian

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Ivan said...


I like these abstract shapes, especially the top one, since it's even more abstract than the others, and makes a lovely graphic pattern. The wall is great, but needs not to have the empty space of the bland sky as that's where the eye goes. The top image may work well with the B&W treatment.