Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sable Island in December - Post 2

Here are a few more shots from Sable Island that I took in December. Critiscm encouraged.

Crossover Flats Dunescape

This is an area called CrossoverFlats which is so called because it is one of the easier points on the island where one can cross over to the South side. I always find the dunescape appealing; especially when there is a nice sky.

South Beach East Light Cut at sunrise

Our cabin looks out onto the South Beach. In the morning we sit, drink coffee and watch the sun rise. On many mornings I would run out of the cabin to take photos of the rising sun before the sun became too intense. It was usually somewhere between 730 and 8am.

North Beach surf at sunset

The sunset on this day was incredible. Unfortunately, I missed the best (a huge brilliant orange sun sinking below the horizon on the south side) because I got carried away taking photos of the surf in the sunset light. This was one of the two best shots that I got. I like it because the wave is breaking right across the photo.

East Lighthouse

This is the light that can be seen from our cabin on the east side of the island. Just to the right, are some ruins of the previous lighthouse. The dark clumps of what looks like dirt on the dune is peat, presumed to be from the last ice age. In this photo you can also see the east end of the island tailoring off into the distance.


Anonymous said...


My fav is the sunset one - great colours and a real feeling of calm (the smooth sand) but with a hint of the power of the sea too. The tidal wash in the foreground sweeps nicely into the scene - very good. The others are a little on the bland side for me - nothing to really catch me, and draw me in. Nice skies, but not anything more for me. The lighthouse is a real feature, just not sure it works being right in the middle of the scene.


Critical Light said...

Hi Ivan,

Well, once again we seem to be on the same mind set. I too love the image of the wave and sunset but have issues with the other three. People here like lighthouses so this may work. Also, at first I thought it was a little boring placing the main part of the image bang centre. But the more I looked at this image the more I liked it. Mostly because I (perhaps not people who haven't been to Sable) can feel the island curving off into the distance and I am fond of this lighthouse; it has helped me on numerous occasions to find my way home in a blizzard. So this might be a case of me knowing too much about the shot. I agree with your view on the other two scenes.

By the way, this input is very valuable to me, not only because it helps me as a photographer but because it helps me to choose images to sell. So, I very much appreciate your efforts.