Monday, February 27, 2006

Some more images from Sable Island

Here are a few more photos from Sable. I am still working my way through them all.

Male grey seals fighting at the surf

Male grey seals fight to establish access to females. Often these fights end as soon as one gets their camera out, but this one happened to start as I sat on the beach with my camera out. The goal of these fights or wrestles, is to bite your opponents hind flippers. These flippers are very important since they provide the seal with propulsion for catching their prey. Once the opponent bites down on the hind flippers, the game is over.

Old East Light at sunset

This is the remains of the old East Lighthouse at sunset. I caught the start of the sunset on south beach and was quite disappointed with it. However, when I got back to the cabin, the sunset had turned quite spectacular but I had nothing to focus on. So I dashed over to the old East Lighthouse to catch the last few minutes. This scene lasted for a matter of minutes. Sunsets require patience.

Erosion of the Big Flat Dune

A couple of years ago, this dune was huge. It was a landmark that we used to navigate with. It had been there at least since 1997 when I first visited the island. One winter, in a matter of months, it was reduced to this sorry sight. I drove past this dune on many occasions but the weather, light and so on was never quite right. On this day it was.

More images will come soon...


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Anonymous said...

Hi Damian

These are great! The erosion of the dune is brilliant - great symmetry and a very abstract composition. Great sky and lighting too. Great effort.

The sunset is nice too - I wonder if, after the levels are adjusted for more contrast and impact, if some "dodging" and "burning" (on a separate layer to make sure you don't irreversibly change something) wouldn't bring out, or make more of, the various highlight and shadow tones. Perhaps not - maybe works being kind of dreamy like it is. Very nice. Seals - they are your bag, and if you like watching them shag or fight over lady seals, that's your problem...!!!