Thursday, February 16, 2006

Some images from Scotland

To take a break from the Sable Island photos I have decided to put up some images from Scotland. There are just three, nothing special, but I like them.

Old pier on Loch Tay

Sue and I were driving around Loch Tay to find some crannogs; ancient scottish dwellings that were built in a loch and partly submerged. It was getting dark and I saw this. I realy like the light.

BruachnaFrithe, The Black Cuillins, Isle of Sky

This is BruachnaFrithe in the Black Cullins of the Isle of Sky. Sue myself and two others hiked up here. The weather was misty so the scene in front of us would, at time, completely disappear. However, when the fog cleared the view was just spectacular. I have many fond memories of that hike.

The Old Man of Storr, Isle of Sky

This photo is nothing special but I like the image. For me it has a feel-good factor about it. I feel as though I am walking along the road to The Storr.

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Anonymous said...


Like the sunset image. I know these are not images up for critique, as you preface them with a note to that effect, but I like tinkering with this stuff. Crop the sunset image and it gets even stronger. Only shame (and no amount of cropping would sort this) is that the old struts of the jetty bisect the horizon - usually to be avoided.