Monday, February 06, 2006

Sable Island in January - Post 1

Here are some more photos from Sable Island. These were taken within the first week of January.

Sunset on South Beach

This is another sunset photo. It was taken a little later than the one in the previous blog. This appealed to me because of the wet sand arch reflecting the sky and bringing the viewer into the photo. There is less darkness on the RHS so no cropping is required but there is enough to create the desired contrast.

Male Seal in Grass - post editing

After suggestions by Ivan, I spent an hour or so working on this image to remove the long grass stems that were partly covering the face of the seal. I used a combination of the Healing Brush and selecting, copying an area and then pasting it over the stem. For the Healing Brush, I used an elliptical shape which creates a better blend. After doing this I realised that the right eye (which was partly covered over by grass) was dull and dead looking. So I copied the pupil of the left eye over and then used the Healing Brush and a mix of burning and dodging to blend the pupil into the eye.

Tree Trunk in Sand

This is a photo of another piece of trunk partly buried in the sand. Because of the sea and the wind storms , objects like this are uncovered all the time. But they only last for a day or so before they disapear under the sand.

I liked the shape of this trunk and how the pieces of wood interplay. There is also some nice texture revealed in the bark.

Storm at dusk

I find this image striking. The colour and texture of the sand makes this photo. The colour of the sand is from a mix of three types of rock that does not include quartz. Its only found on the South Beach. The light reflecting off the wet sand, the stormy skies and the crashing surf complete the photo.

Sunset over Wallace Lake

As you can see I took lots of photos of the sunset and sunrise. There is a reason for this. Unfortunately, in this season we had little snow and few storms so the really exciting shots with great light were mostly captured at these two times of day. This shot was taken shortly after the sun, as a huge burning orange ball, sank into the sea (not literally). The sky just got better the more you waited. The curvature of the landscape and the 'fingers' of land create contrast and provide boundaries to the lake. I realised while composing shots like this that the human eye (or rather mine) needs to see boundaries. There is no boundary on the left, but there is on the right.


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Ivan said...


I like these images. Not sure about the wood in the sand - doesn't do it for me. The seal and sunset are both lovely, the latter being serene and peaceful; the former a great candid shot with bags of character. Benefits from having the grasses removed, and looks like a skillful job. I'd have removed the grasses back further, as they seem to stop conveniently before the face, which is artificial. I may also crop in closer, still framing the seal in the grass, but with less grass in total in the shot. A dab of levels and good sharpening, selective for the face, will bring it out even more. Nice work.