Monday, March 19, 2007

Annual Digital Championship Entries

After much thought, and late night Sunday final Photoshopping, below are my 5 entries for the CCC Annual Digital Championship.

The categories are

People - portraits, groups, studies etc
Pictorial - anything, and usually mostly landscapes
Creative - any photoshop shennanigans you like!
Plants and Animals - does what it says on the tin
Record - straight shot showing something in great detail, no digital manipulation.

I reckon that Pictorial and Plants and Animals will have a lot of entries, and Record is kinda dull, so I have tactically gone for 4 in "Creative" and 1 in "People". Also, I just fancied trying something different - no landscapes! So, I trawled my extensive back catalogue (again) and came up with some interesting entries (I think).

Below are my selected images - your critique always welcomed.


1. All in Red

2. Baby Eyes

3. Shadowman

4. Catface


5. Thinking...

1 comment:

Critical Light said...

Very, very strong set, Ivan. No comments for improvement as such - I think they're all interesting images. Good luck, and hope to see you there tonight.

-- gareth