Saturday, March 03, 2007

Images from my local market

Hi there,

I am currently shooting photos at my local Farmer's Market with the view to creating a calendar that will mark the move of the market from its current 'historic' location to a new location close to the Halifax waterfront.

Many photos include people, of course. Here are three photos that capture people at the market shot with my new 50mm lens.

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Anonymous said...

D - nice to see these, but WHERE are the Sable pictures???!

So, to business:

Image 1: I find this one hard to work out. The flower doesn't stand out against the very busy background and the white shirt of the man competes in any case. Also, there is another flower overlapping at the back. Both are lost (for me) and I'm not sure it works.

Image 2: No one is looking at the camera, and two of the three you can't see their faces. It's not clear what they are doing, but even if that's not the issue, you don't get a clue of what they might be doing from the crop. It's also got a feeling of imbalance, with the large brick space on the upper left quadrant. The lady on the right has her cap cropped off too. Again - for me - doesn't work that well.

Image 3; I like this one a lot more. I think because I find the other don't work, and this one has colour, interest (little girl) and much more of a sense of place and emotion. Some distracting elements near the girl, but she and the flowers hold my attention enough that it's OK. This is a really nice shot.

So, two of three really don't work for me, and one is really quite good. Can you give some background to why you selected these three, to see if I have missed something of what you are aiming for? If it is to try and capture something of the old market, I can't see what images 1 and 2 do for this (but then I have not seen it), whereas I can see what Image 3 captures.


Anonymous said...


Sable Island pictures - coming soon. I got distracted going through the 2006 pictures adding copyright, keywords, etc and rating them. I thought I should do this before I start on the 2007 pics. However, since there is a 'demand' for the latter I guess I will start looking through them.

So, to the pictures.
Photo 1 - I posted this one to demonstrate the nice blur that is created from my new 50mm lens. If you knew the market, then you would know where this photo was taken so perhaps it would mean more. The guy in the white shirt with the blue hat and the person next to him are well known figures. The reason why I like this photo is because the flower does jump out at me and I like the blotches of colour in the background. You are right though about the other flower head.

Photo 2 - This photo is about colour: red, black and white. The scene caught my eye. All three women have black hair, some red clothing and either black or white clothing or both (as in the woman in the foreground). That was very eye-catching to me. I wasn't trying to portray what they were doing; I wasn't concerned about that. The brick background I think adds a nice backdrop. And no-one is looking at the camera which I like to. So the purpose of this photo was to express the dominant colours.

Photo - 3 I like this photo because of the expression on the girls face and the colour of the flowers. Unfortunately there is clutter around the girl which makes it look a little messy. Might try a different crop.

The photos are not trying to portray the character of the market. I posted them simply because I like them. They are not photos I would hang on my wall but they speak to me.