Monday, March 19, 2007

Gareth's entries to the digital championship

Herewith, my entries:

Pictorial: Wheat, at Ratcliffe-on-Soar

Creative: Looking over the ones I love

People: Quiet Time

People: Jon, rehearsing at the lock-up

Pictorial: East Anglian Big Skies

I think Ivan's move to load his entries in the creative category is stunning. There's a good range in his set, which given that the creative section is so subjective, will give him a better chance of success. I'm very pleased with the two photographs I've entered for the pictorial section here, but I fear they'll be lost in the noise. We'll see.

-- gareth


Anonymous said...


G, what a set! I LOVE them all. I think these are breath-taking images, and I do agree that your two pictorials are brilliant. I hope you get the recognition these deserve. I've always liked the scarecrow image and the wheat is superb.

The drummer is a very strong image, and got good feedback when you presented it before. Quiet time is ace also, and (as I recall) got good input from the email from the judge (along with the wheat, I think).

Creative - interesting; it's certainly very "eye catching" (har de har) and, if it strikes the right chord, could do well. Possibly the weakest of a very strong set (but by no means weak in itself).

Great great set. Should be fun. Did you number them 1-5, as instructed, in case they need to drop one (if too many images are entered to judge on one night)?

I'll be there this evening.


Anonymous said...

Can I ask - has "Quiet time" been reversed from the original? I seem to remember it was the other way round. If so, works and flows better the way you have it in your entries.


Critical Light said...

Hi Ivan,

Sorry I wussed-out half-way through last night - and I don't even have the excuse of having a young baby around the place!

I wonder which image you're thinking about with respect to quiet time - because this one is in its original orientation...

-- g