Monday, March 19, 2007

Sanderling crop


This is what I meant when I described cropping your middle Sanderling image. It makes more of the procession, I think, puts them on a level bit of ground and eliminates the uninteresting white foreground.

Also, a general comment and pertinent to these; sometimes your images seem to lack contrast "punch". Is this deliberate or do you think they have enough?

What do you think of my crop?





Critical Light said...

Hi Ivan,

Thanks for working on this image. I understand where you are coming from but I have to say that I prefer the original. The angle adds something different to the picture and the white'ish beach in the foreground seems to balance the photo for me. And seems to accentuate the presence of the shadows, whereas I feel as though the shadows are lost in the cropped version.


Critical Light said...

An interesting one, this. I think that the diagonal that your original follows is more dynamic than Ivan's crop, Damian. But what I don't like about yours is the cut-off birds at the extremities. If it were my image I'd lose the half-bird on the extreme right (and its shadow), and the three birds on the extreme left, giving the group behind somewhere to walk into.

Critical Light said...

Sorry, that was me!

-- gareth