Sunday, March 18, 2007

Self Portrait Assignment

Here is my first posting for the self-portrait assignment.

I attached the camera to a tripod in my bathroom and set the camera for a timed-delay shot. I then continued to shave. I took several shots and this one appealed to me the most. The reason is that I seem to be 'away'; I am shaving but appear to be somewhere else.

1/125 sec, f5,6. exposure bias 0.67, ISO 400, focal length 79mm; RAW, Adobe RGB

Comments welcome


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Anonymous said...

D -

Interesting image. You do look far away, and kind of sad, too. The camera has locked onto the mirror frame, so you are nicely (and only very slightly) out of focus, which adds to that. I like how you have not overlapped with the window, which somehow balances the image, as you are in the bottom right, and the window and frame occupies top left nicely. I think it's good that there's nothing visible outside the window; keeps the focus on you. Shame one eye is darker, as it would have been stronger with both whites white.

I like it. It's different and interesting. Good job.