Friday, March 02, 2007

New "Digital Film" on the horizon?

Interesting post appearing on some of the newswires about Sandisk's development of a write-once, read-only cheap memory card that will be like digital film in that it can be used for archive once full.

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Anonymous said...

A format which can be used to store digital images and have a shelf-life of 100 years would be excellent for photographers. CDs and DVDs degrade overtime and hard drives can fail.

However, I am not sure if SanDisk are achieving this with this new idea. Sounds like a card reader for storing images directly from the camera during shooting. If one can insert these cards into your computer and download images on to them then I can see a good use. If not, and one can only capture images through the camera, then I see little use since I always want to delete images during a shoot.