Friday, March 23, 2007

Guitar Man and Portrait

These pictures were taken by our wedding photographer, the brilliant Mr Paul Troughton. He does excellent candids and detail shots check out this link for some examples.

I like the expression he has caught of me in both; one clearly away in the moment of playing, and the other a thoughtful look, cropped in an unusual way.

Thoughts? Comments?



Nathalie said...

I arrived here through DX Bluey and am really enjoying what I'm seeing here. I like the idea of discussing what makes a good pic..

I wanted to discuss your next topic (the bird, the branch and the drop) but couldn't find the link on which to click to access the comments page. Strange!

About this post, I find the first shot quite ordinary in style (angle, framing, lighting, distance) even if I understand it may be quite meaningful to you.

But the second I find EXCELLENT. The cropping focuses on the minute smile and sideways glance, ...and you fall in love with the man immediately! LOL

Greetings from rainy Sydney

PS - please let me know if I can join/contribute to this blog? I'll bookmark you and be a regular visitor from now on anyway.

Critical Light said...

Hi there,

Firstly, Nathalie it would be great for you to join the blog. Either by posting your photos as food for our critical eyes, or simply by posting your thoughts on our pics.

I am not sure what the story is with the unavailability of the comments on the bird and water droplet.

Lastly, my thoughts on these photos. I do not like the first photo but it is too close to being a snapshot for me. There are lots of distracting elements in the photo, Ivan is not positioned in the best place in the photo and he is a little too far for the expression to be a theme in the photo.

However, the second posting is excellent. Good composition, excellent facial expression and nice and close. Like that one.


Gareth said...

Didn't realise you were a guitarist... :) Nice images. Fancy copying his style and doing a shoot for us in august...?

Critical Light said...

Nathalie -

Thanks for your comments. It would be great to have more contributors (where has DXBluey gone?) so I have sent you an invite to join.

G - if you are referring in a sideways fashion, to an impending "special day" in august, then we should talk more...oh, and I REALLY like the 5D...(joke).