Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Another excercise in croppage

Which one do you prefer, and why?


Note: the images are soft/unsharp - ignore that. It's the cropping I'm interested in.


Colin said...

My vote is for #2

#1: The swan seems lost in all that's going on
#2: Nice position of the swan, you seem to have a good proportion of sky there. Maybe it's the sort-of line made along the top left by the edge of the tree, sort of points towards the swan, as do the reflections of the trees. In fact he's sitting right about where some curves meet. Look out, it's vertex-swan! (god I am such a nerd). Maybe this could stand to lose a little of the darkness right at the bottom.
#3: Not bad, but having the swan in the middle (horizontal anyway) just doesn't seem right. I suspect Damian is rubbing off on me. Plus the lines from point #2 don't seem to work anymore.
#4: Too much foreground muck, not so interesting.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for your considered comments. I think I agree that #2 is the best crop of the lot. Agree with your comments generally about the others too.


Damian Lidgard said...

Number 2 I think is the best of the lot. As Colin mentions many elements in the photo lead the eye straight to the swan. Although I think the swan is too small, but this is about croppage. I agree with the points raised by Colin on the other three..