Thursday, November 20, 2008

Clare Bridge

Another image from last night.

Clare College Bridge (1640)

Info from Wikipedia:

The oldest of Cambridge's current bridges, this bridge in classical style was built in 1639–40 by Thomas Grumbold (d.1659). It survives as the oldest due to all its contemporaries being destroyed by the parliamentarian forces in the Civil War, to make the town of Cambridge more defensible. Many different stories are told to explain the missing section of the globe second from the left on the south side of the bridge. One rumour is that the builder of the bridge received (what he considered to be) insufficient payment, and in his anger, removed a segment of the globe.

I cropped it quite tightly on top, as there were lots of distractions above - is it too tight? What do you think...?


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Damian Lidgard said...

Well I don't like it. Again, I wonder about the white balance. Very green. The reflection of the bridge overwhelms the photo so one thinks the photo is out of focus or has a strong soft focus. And I think I would prefer to see more above the bridge too.

A while ago I came across a site showing Cambridge photography at night. Not sure if this is it but sort of similar: