Monday, November 10, 2008


My entry for this week is this photo showing hoof prints over the top of a dune on Sable Island. Shot on 14 January 2006 at close to 5pm. 1/60th at f4.0, ISO 200, focal=17mm I tried in both colour and BW and much prefer the latter.  All editing was done in Camera RAW (basic stuff like temperarture, levels, contrast) and the image was converted to BW in PS. Damian

original, RAW image

after editing


Critical Light said...

Oooh yes - me likee this very much. Great simple mono image, with strong foreground and lead in line. Lots of questions posed and not distracted by a complex composition. Top notch and agree its better in mono.

Good work.


Colin said...

Much better in mono, but the sky is a bit drab now and takes up a lot of real estate. Try a crop?