Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Now, most of you know I'm a Scotsman - cut me in half, and, like a stick of rock, it'll say ALBA all the way through. But, I've been down here in the land of the Sassenachs for nearly 16 years, living and working; when asked, I'll say I'm only here because there are not enough clever English people to do the work, but I'm only kidding.

Scotland has it's own rugged beauty. No doubt. But this shot - which I found in my archives - sums up England in all it's rural, verdant beauty. Doesn't matter where it is, it's gorgeous.

Enjoy. Rule Brittania!



Colin said...

Very scenic, nice lines made by the gentle rolling hills lead the eyes all up and down as if one were at a strip club. Nice composition!

Damian Lidgard said...

Yes, I really like this and it totally speaks volumes of England. Very nice indeed.