Friday, November 07, 2008

My first digital picture

I found this a few days ago, while looking through old files.

Taken in 2001, with a Canon PowershotS S40, which was a market-leading, 4MP compact camera with manual AND RAW (almost unheard of in non-DSLRs, and there weren't many DSLRs either...). And it cost nearly £700!! I traded that in for a Nikon Coolpix 5400 (shit camera, put me off Nikon for life, which is daft), then the 350D (which was great) and now the 450D. In that time, it's gone from 4MP compact to 12MP DSLR, and price has come down nearly by half. Progress, eh?

I think this was taken about 100 yds from my old place in Kent, when the battery was charged up and I headed outside. It's a crap picture, but I was trying to capture the movement in the wheat. At least the horizon is not bang in the middle...



Damian Lidgard said...

I like the grass a lot. Great colour and texture. It would be better with the distracting trees on the horizon removed.

Reminds me of the image of the 'ostriches' on the horizon...remember?


Anonymous said...

I don't recall the image you refer to - can you provide more details? Was it posted here?

Damian Lidgard said...

This is the link to that photo blog. I recall sitting in your apartment looking at this on print I think or perhaps on a screen.