Tuesday, November 04, 2008

My picks of the three years

Well, I quickly ran through all of the blogs and chose those images that jumped out at me, for the WOW factor and the memories. Most are from Ivans' blogs which is not surprising given the number he has posted. Here they are...

Few pics to end week
Specifically the St. Margaret's Headland, Kent, UK pic. This shot is excellent and I don't seem to remember seeing it but I really like it. Great texture, great colours, great mood and interesting composition.

The first shot. I still like this shot and seems to bring nack memories of the early blogs. 
Of all of the Miksang blogs, this one takes the biggest chunk for me, and biggest effort from Ivan.
The chocolate face is excellent.
Love the sky of this shot and the immensity of space.

And this one

Lighten Up!
I don't recall this shot either but really like it. Different composition for a flower pic and nice and bright. 


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Anonymous said...


A great selection, and some excellent memories! Interesting to see how we've moved away from long, complex postings and elabourate scoring (the latter your invention, I recall - ever the scientist) to a more streamlined approach, with focussed comments. Works better now, I think.

Also, interesting to see G describe the Beachwalkers image as a "winner", which indeed it was later that year. How prophetic.

Good to see the humour in there too - I had forgotten about the cartoon.