Monday, October 15, 2007

Lighten Up!

Ivan felt that the first version of this was too dark. What I posted was more or less exactly what came off the camera, which was a reasonably accurate exposure of the lighting. The sun was very low and was just clipping the flowers from behind, leaving everything else in pretty deep shadow.

Nevertheless, the image does have a different feel if I open up the midtones a little - it doesn't lose the supersaturation but brings out a bit of the texture. It's here: what do you think?


Anonymous said...

G - a definite improvement I think, and for the reasons you state. Gives the image a bit of a lift, heightens the summery feel, but not at the expense of the colour or textures. I like the positioning of the intact flower vs the dead stubbs; and end of summer feeling. Very nice.

stasher1 said...

Sorry - have to disagree on this one - the darker image has a certain richness which i belive is lost in the lighter one. A

Colin said...

I prefer the brighter image. The flower is highlighted nicely already because of the nice depth of field; it doesn't need a dark background as well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Colin - don't think we've seen a comment from you before on this Blog. Do you want to introduce yourself and how you came to the blog?