Monday, October 15, 2007

My selections

Below are my two entries for the next CCC Projected Image competition (to be held on 22 Oct)

New York Ferry Moment

This image was taken on the Staten Island Ferry in 2004. It was coming back to Battery Park (end of Manhattan), and as it was getting alongside the Statue of Liberty, I was struck by the almost reverential bowed heads of the two passengers in direct line of sight. I exposed for the Statue and sky, and with some further post-processing have accentuated the semi-silhouette feel, which is further enhanced by the dramatic sky. I like this image a lot, but realise it may not be to all tastes. Which brings me on to my next image...


This image was made around the time of a similar work entitled "Shadowman". If you recall, Shadowman came 2nd in last year's CCC Annual Digital Championship, Creative section. This is similar in feel; mono again, and trying to create a feeling, engage an emotion. I was struck by the desolation of the tower block in question. The "figure" in the window is real, but I never noticed it at the time (this is a crop from a much larger image), and it looks like an old lady, but very skeletal and creepy! I added the "graffiti" underneath, to create the message. Love it or hate it, I think it's quite powerful.

Thoughts and comments welcomed. Still not to late to submit something else...



Gareth said...

Hi Ivan,

I really like the first one. It's graphic, a very good twist on a much-photographed scene, and somehow speaks through the bowed heads of more than just what you can see. I'd agree that you should submit it but I'd consider choosing a different title - something which states the reverence, because unless the judge realises that that's the point you're making, he/she might not get it. I know the title's not supposed to come into it, but it can't hurt to get more context.

The second one I absolutely love. Really, I think it's a super photo. I worry about you using it for this competition as opposed to the print competition though, just because I think that portrait format shots lose out in the projected competition due to the asymmetry of the projected resolution. Your eye doesn't automatically leap to the graffiti/figure, which is good because it's a pattern photo which turns into something more when you realise that there's more going on there, but you don't want to lose that completely which is why I wonder whether it might work better as a print?

OR... and this is controversial... you say that this is already a heavy crop, but you could consider cropping it even further! Consider this - if you kept the bottom-right of the image and cropped at three balconies above her, keeping the aspect ratio the same, you'd put her on the bottom right third, you'd make her more obvious but still you'd have the endlessly repeating pattern effect. Just a thought, and it mightn't be possible from your original.

Either that or, as I say, go for a print.

Anonymous said...

As usual, very interesting and useful comments. And thanks for the praise of the images - I kind of thought you'd "get" them too....

The comment on the name of the Ferry shot is particularly interesting, since it was always called "In Liberty's Name", due to the reverential positioning of the subjects, and with a kind of throwback to 9/11 and all that the US went through post that time. I agree with your comment and may revert back to this. Any suggestions for an alternative name?

Regarding the print idea for the second image, you may well be right, but I kind of don't have anything else for tonight, and so I think I'll use it. The crop idea is interesting too, but I really like the height, which adds to the pattern effect and enhances the never-ending feeling of such monolithic buildings.

Great comments and re-inforces my belief to submit these choices.


stasher1 said...

Hi Ivan, Guess i'm too late but I too love the tower block (although being a purist I loved it slightly less when you told me you'd added "help"!). the new york picture grew on me but i thought the sky was just a little overpering ut a great shot all the same. goood luck at the comp