Friday, October 19, 2007

I like Cropping (and I like to Crop)...

Couldn't help myself. I liked Gareth's bridge picture, but felt it may do better with a more dynamic crop (and lightened up a bit, with a bit more contrast too). So, here is my effort.




Colin said...

Hi! Ivan suggested earlier that I introduce myself, so here goes:

I'm a friend of Damian's. I'm an absolute novice to the whole photography thing, so hopefully I'll pick something up here (but nothing contagious, please!) My gear is Pentax, so I assume that puts me in the minority here.

As for the bridge: I do like the cropped version in that the bridge is now more imposing. However, the wide angle distortion now looks rather out-of-place, giving the right side of the bridge a disturbing twisted look.

(NTNON? If you don't like cropping, tough luck?)

Gareth said...

Hi Colin,

I think the crop is an improvement too, but what I don't like now is the leaning-in of the first tower. I guess it's a "nice try" with this shot and next time I'm up there (it's the Humber Bridge), I'll go again for something better.

And welcome! I hope we get chance to see some of your images soon. We're a friendly bunch :)


Anonymous said...

Gareth and Colin,

First off, Welcome Colin! It's great to have another voice on the blog, and as G says, we don't bite!

Both, agree that the tower is now leaning in, but nothing a bit of Photoshop transform/distort correction would not put right?

Colin - Indeed, a shameful lift from the NTNON classic "I like Truckin' (and I like to Truck)" with the brilliant next line of.."and if you don't like Truckin', tough luck!"


Anonymous said...

I've just realised that you were talking about the kind of twisted feel to the bit of bridge nearest the top right. Yes, it does look a bit like those films you see of suspension bridges gone bad. However, I kind of like it, if the tower were straightened too...