Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dead thistle

Guys, I was drawn to these dead thistle heads by their colours. how do you reckon this could be improved? (Canon 5D 100mm macro 0.6 seconds f14, flash directed with lasolite reflector). Good luck tommorow at the competition. all the best, Adam


Gareth said...

Hi Adam,

Colours are nice, although the whole thing feels quite dark. I think the composition feels a bit funny though - perhaps the crop is too tight? The second thistle head in the bottom-right is a but fuzzy focus (harsh given the f14 aperture) and overall I think this would have worked better if you'd lost it altogether and just had the one head. Maybe a high key approach (a white background) might be better? Don't know. Good effort though. (and thanks :) )

Anonymous said...

Hi Adam

I agree with G; I think it feels a bit too dark and the out of focus thistle head in the foreground is blurred and distracts. Great colours, though; perhaps using Levels to up the brightness a little, and then up the Saturation may help, or reverting to a punchy mono treatment may also work, perhaps with a different composition, focussing on one head only.

Thanks for posting.

stasher1 said...

Hmm, intesting. i left the front head out of focus on purose - guess it was a bad call....I'll give it a go in B&W.