Sunday, October 14, 2007

2 from 5?

OK guys: my picking and choosing is as bad as ever so here are five very different images in subject, approach, post-processing. Which two, and of the two, would you suggest any changes in the post-processing?

Also, Ivan, I found this link about calibrating your printer for mono work:


stasher1 said...

Hi Gareth, I prefer the flower (just looks really natural), the bridge (I like the moody feel although i might play with the crop a little more) and the night buildings (love the colours and I'm a sucker for that wide angle distortion)- sorry could only get down to three. I did like the picture of your daughter (I presume) but after a while i felt she was in a bit of an awkward position. The one of Professor Hawking is interesting but too much of the face is covered for my likeing. Are these for a competiton? all the best, Adam

Gareth said...

Hi Adam,

Yep, it's for the next projected image competition at Camera Club - deadline is tomorrow night. Thanks for your views! I like the flower too. I worry a bit about the light on the bridge one - overall, it's quite dark, although it was a deliberate move to try to increase the moodiness. And the building one I think I just got at the right time in the balance between the dusk sky and the artificial light.

I kinda quite like the awkward pose of the one of my daughter - just shows the uncomfortable positions that kids sometimes fall asleep in! But I guess it's not to everyone's tastes! And the one of Stephen Hawking I chose only to see whether a famous subject might attract more attention!

Anonymous said...

Back after 2 days sickness and diahorrea! Nasty...

Anyway, for me, two images stand out; the mono of your daughter and the flower. First one is different, interesting pose, nicely done as a mono low-key image. Different, and I like that.

The flower is natural, interesting, well-composed and not the usual angle for these types of shot. Should do well.

I will post my two (and they are very different from my usual stuff) later today.


Gareth said...

Interesting! We just don't have the confidence yet to know what will do well! I might submit those two that you suggest, Ivan, and we'll see how well they cook :)

Colin said...

I quite like the building shot. The division of the colours blue, yellow, red, and green into their own distinct regions of the image appeals to me for some reason. Nifty wide-angle effect too.