Thursday, October 25, 2007


This is one of those post-processing techniques which you'll be sick of in a few months time. A bit like that Fake DOF lens blur stuff from a year ago. gives the gist, but they're all at it at the moment.

Rich, my mate and the guy who did the photography at our wedding drew my attention to it as a technique. He shot a set at the wedding to try it out but ran out of time to post-process them - I thought I'd give it a quick go using autostitch and photoshop which is what you see above. The people are flatteringly-elongated but my wife was quite amused (and pleased) with the result!


Anonymous said...

G - interesting effect. Enter it at the next competition, it'll probably do well!!


Gareth said...

I need to add a bear with a salmon in its mouth to the lineup if it's going to float in a CCC competition...