Thursday, October 04, 2007

More Athens Monos

Ivan was right about the sky on the previous one being too flat.

Do we think these are any better?

Still as contrasty but I've played on that in the post-processing.

Maybe not this one though, eh? (that's me, for those of you who haven't worked it out...) :)


Anonymous said...

Good interesting skies in them all. My favourite is the first one; good dramatic angle and interesting composition. The next one, I don't like the blurry base; adds nothing, and distracts my eye. Side-on view is less interesting also.
Final image; the classic wide-angle "building falling back" effect, which is what dominates for me. Not as interesting as the first one either.

First one stands out.

Last one does not (tiger...).


Gareth said...

Spot on analysis, Ivan. Thanks.


Colin said...

Hello! Before I start, I'll just quickly introduce myself: I'm Colin, a friend of Damian's. I'll confess right away to being a complete beginner at the photography stuff, but I'm always hoping to learn a thing or two, and I usually have no shortage of opinions :)

Now for my thoughts: I do like the first one a lot, the imposing dominance of the building is well emphasized. The second, well, a bunch of rocks is what I see first.

One thing that does bother me is that vignetting-like effect around the corners. To me it is rather distracting.