Tuesday, October 09, 2007

1st Print Competition - Ivan's result

Dear All

Well, again, a mixed bag. One bombed and one did well. When will I crack this, and get two placed in one competition?

"Shove Tuppence" did not go down well. Some nice comments regarding the reflection of the hand and that it was a nice idea, but apart from that, it did not engage or really clearly show what was happening. The hand looked in a strange position and a bit unnatural. Not good overall.

"Window and Chair" did much better. Got a "First" place grading (1 of 2 on the monos). All similar comments to those that you guys raised, and it definitely benefited from being marginally lightened up, so thanks for that input!

The overall quality of the monos was very high - I was worried about not getting anything, so it was a complete surprise (genuinely) to get a First. Because they announce it in reverse order, mine was announced last of all, so I'd given up hope by that point!

So, thus far, I have 24 points in the Projected Image Serial Compeition (round 1 of 3), and 30 points in the Print Serial Competition (round 1 of 3). Last year I got 54 points in the Projected Image competition and came third overall. This year, the standard I think is higher, with lots of talented new members, so I'll need to raise my game too, but that's a good thing.



Gareth said...

Your first was absolutely well-deserved, and more sweet I'm sure given that it was such a strong field.

I think his comments about shove tuppence were fair, and I'm also going to mail the CCC in support of the judge (will bcc you).

It would have been nice for mine to have done better, but both of his criticisms were valid.

Anonymous said...

Sounds about right. "Blame" my shoddy printing for the first one, and your shoddy mounting for the second. I feel that both would have been placed with some tweaking.

On to the next one now...

I think I have one selection already - I'll enter the "Bath Cresent" as one of the projected images. Not sure about the other. Will do a 3/4 from 2 later in the week to you guys.