Thursday, October 25, 2007

Possible Portfolio submission

This is my selection for a possible CCC competition portfolio submission. 5 images, in a defined order, on an easily identifiable subject. This one is Deal, in Kent. Not sure if it'll be a print or projected submission, but your thoughts on the images and order is appreciated.



Gareth said...

Hi Ivan,

I think this is an appropriate subject for the portfolio. Not very well-structured thoughts follow:

I don't think that #2 and #3 fit well into the portfolio. As images, they're not so strong, particularly #3 where the background is too distracting - there's not enough separation between fg and bg, so the window frame seems to grow out of the vinegar pot and the lighting is also very flat.

I think you need to decide whether you want this to be "Deal" or "The Pier and Beach at Deal". If it's the former, you need to lose one of the two shots of the pier - i.e. have more variation. If it's the latter, you need to lose the second two images and have more images of the seafront.

Dealine with the individual images:

#1 is fab. It's all about the sky and the pre or post-storm sunlight which is hitting the buildings notwithstanding the angry clouds above. This image would work very well in monochrome, too - something to think about for a future serial competition. Other than that, I couldn't improve it (maybe rotate 0.5deg CCW to get the bottom horizontal?)

#4, again, wicked. Nice backlighting, interesting skies, good fill light on the foreground. It has a lot of depth from the WA treatment. Again, one which would work well in mono.

I think that #1 and #4 should top and tail the portfolio as they're the strongest.

#5 I like but not so much (sound a bit Borat there!). The patch of yellow on the sea's nice but there's something very distracting about the white foam at the bottom of the picture which keeps dragging my eye down from the subject of the picture which is really those clouds and that golden light, supported by the silhouette of the pier. It almost looks like you've used fill-flash (perhaps you did!). Anyway, if it was my shot I'd be tempted to crop off the bottom and make it even more about the sky, or at least to burn in the foam to darken it down a bit - give a hint that it's foam, but not so much that it dominates.

stasher1 said...

Hi Ivan, some nice stuff here. i agree with G that, although there is a general theme ie. Deal, it does jump around a bit. i really like #3 and #5 but i have to disagree on wiht G on #1 though. this leaves me a bit disinterested - the gulls are a nice touch but the sky smacks of photoshop intervention, looking a little contrived. Sorry but i really don't like the purple sky on #4 - reminds me of some dodgy Cokin grads that I though had lost favour after the eightees! #2 and #3 go well together but i personally think the crop on 2 is too severe - it just doesn't look quite right. Your turn to ask if I got out of the right side of bed thi morning! all the best, Adam

Anonymous said...

All good feedback - I struggled with what to put in and in what order, and I think it's quite complicated to get it right! Kate had similar feelings about 2 and 3, and the overall feel/order of the set, so it's back to the drawing board for me I think!

Thanks for the input