Monday, October 29, 2007

Competition entries

It's time for me to enter a competion too. Unfortunately nothing as grand as the Cambridge Camera Club, but my companies annual competion. £100 up for grabs, normally around a hundred entries. there are several categories - i am entering Flambourgh head (below)in the landscape but this one i'm think for the 'abstract'. Any feedback welcome. many thanks, Adam.


Gareth said...

Hi Adam,

It's a pleasant shape. It doesn't do loads for me to be honest, but I hope it'll do well for you! What's the competition like? (i.e., what are you up against?)


stasher1 said...

Thanks for your input G. Standard is normally reasonable. I've managed to win it twice (but we never talk about the '03 juding scandle). I made the rookie error of using up my best shots in the first two competitions (there was no limmit to numbers of entries then). More recently it's two per category - I'm limmited to about the last 12 monts stuff (and I seem to be getting worse as I get older!). Adam

Colin said...

Hi! Sorry--- this spirally thing doesn't do much for me either.

How does one post an image here, by the way? I might be inclined to put myself up for some criticism at some point :)

Anonymous said...

Dead easy. You need the login details. Rather than post it up here (for all to see), can you drop a note of your email address to me at and I'll send you the login details and some brief instructions.

Anonymous said...

I like it. Works well in bw, and the off-centre placement of the centre of the spiral is perfect too. Great shadows (of a tree?) running over the shape adds extra interest, and the highlights are not burnt out too. Whether it has enough "WOW" to win is not clear, but I'd have it on my wall defo. Only gripe is that the shadow curve just above the centre of the shape is (or appears on my screen) to be pure black, no detail. and it's a bit of a presence, especially next to the light area immediately through it (the ground, I assume).

Good image, I like it a lot, may not have enough impact to win.


stasher1 said...

Thanks Ivan, I see what you mean about the black shadow, it could be distracting. I'll have a dabble in PS and see what I can do. all the best, Adam