Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Blog Project


I have started, gradually, to archive all our blog posts, comments and images as PDF files. Quite easy to do, but takes a bit of time. My goal is to produce a merged PDF, with all the posts, comments and images, compiled on an annual basis.

As there were only a few posts for 2005, I'll merge this with 2006's compilation.

I plan to lay it out chronologically, with all the comments following each relevant post, and with the separate images (if needed) on following pages. I'll soon have Acrobat on this laptop soon, so can merge (and hyperlink if I can be arsed) all the separate PDFs together in the correct order.

We'll have a record of each years submission, and a useful, humourous (remember the "Miksang" incident?) and hopefully educational compilation of all our efforts.

I hope to get you all your copy of the 2005/2006 Season of Critical Light in time for Christmas...

Critical Light Chief Archivist


stasher1 said...

Hi Ivan - great idea - look forward to seeing it. Adam

Gareth said...

Nice one, mate.

Critical Light said...

Thanks for your efforts...much appreciated