Friday, November 07, 2008

Before and After

Sometimes it's interesting to see how an image started, as well as the final output. I think it may be instructional to do a few of these, and get comments on both the image before and after, the artistic/photographic process, and the techniques involved.

The pair here, I used the shadow/highlight function to lift the dark shadows of the pier. Then, I used levels to bring the sky and some of the mid-tones of the sea back, to balance a bit.

Not a great image, but I think it's improved for these manipulations, which are only possible in post-processing, not in capture.

Before - deep shadows on Pier, lack of contrast in sky:

After - lifting of shadows selectively on Pier, more contrast in sky and better tone in sea:



Damian Lidgard said...

Yes, we could do a few of these before and after shots.

In the pre-process image, I prefer the sea because of the more grey-green colour and it seems more blurred which I prefer. I much prefer the bridge in the post-process image, especially the grey hues in the legs and the greater detail. The sky in the post-process image seems a little odd to me. Not sure on the colour and I might prefer this image in BW.


Colin said...

I agree with D, though I rather like the odd, almost unnatural colour of the sky in the processed image. I don't think this would look too good in B&W as there doesn't seem to be a lot of contrast. Good job bringing some life into the pier.