Thursday, March 30, 2006

April's Assigment


I've had a think about this, and I've tried to make sure it's something we can all do, regardless of our geographical or seasonal location. Also, I wanted something that I don't think any of us have a passion for, or shown many examples of that style of work. So, the theme for April is "Portraits".

I want the scope to be as broad as possible, and can include human or animal portraits (this manages to sneak in seals and camels), as long as the face, features and emotion are there and prominent. Any style, colour or black and white, and any location is allowed. I'd like us to submit 2 images at least, and no more than 3, one of which should be something taken in direct response to this assignment, not just one from your archive. Digital manipulation is fine, but please describe what you did and why. Indicate which images are new and which are archive.

When submitting an entry, please give a technical and artistic description, not too long. Also, indicate in the blog post title "April Assignment - Portraits", and make sure we know who it is. Scoring should happen within a few days after the post. Entries should be as large a file as possible, to allow proper judging for sharpness etc. Something in the 500Kb to 1GB range should be fine.

Deadline for submission is 30 April, and the submissions (3 max, at least 1 new) can be judged by the other bloggers in either 1 or 3 sessions from now to the deadline. The scores over Damians to-be-decided catergories will be averaged for each blogger vote, and the average of the two scores used to define the final score. In the event of a tie, the winner is the one who scored the most 10's/9's/8's (in that order).

The "winner" gets to chose the next months assignment. Any questions, just email to all.

So, may the best portrait photographer win!!


Critical Light said...


Sounds good. And your're right, potraits is something I haven't done much of. Good choice of assignment.

bishopsindubai said...


Initally I thought... oh my god... portraits. No chance I thought.

But I've been out taking some shots and scouting around this morning and it has really forced me to think about shots and how to achieve them.

I've even got a few I am quite happy with.

So far, so good. Nice choice of topic.