Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Horse Silhouette, Sable Island, Nova Scotia

On evening upon driving home I saw this group of horses upon a dune. It happened to be at the end of a sunset. The horse that is looking up allows the viewer to recognise that the other three bodies are grazing horses. The sunset behind is nice but it is subdued so that it does not steal the show from the horses. I find the image very pleasant to look at; its very calming. The image has been cropped to provide more focus on the horses. Damian

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Anonymous said...


This is a brilliant image. The fact that only one horse is defined is fine - it tells the whole story of what the others are doing. Also, it's nice that the silhouetted horse is not in the middle but off to one side. The crop you've done is perfect, with the ground gently curving in a subtle dome, with grass also in silhouette. The sunset is gentle, and doesn't fight with the horses or the tranquility of the scene. It's an amazing shot, and one you should sell with no problem. Good work. Wish it was my picture...