Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Minnis Bay, Kent

This is a picture I'd value some considered critique, using Damian's new system of categories and scoring. For my part, I'll try to structure the submission too.


Minnis Bay, Kent. Summer 2003.

Background and rational to the image

I wanted a panoramic format, since the sunset was spectacular and the shadows it cast on the ground were very graphic in feel. I wanted both elements in the picture.


Panoramic, but turned vertically, rather than horizontally, to get both the sunset and beach in shot. Horizon in the middle, as both sky and ground elements were very strong and I wanted both to be so. Also, this is an unusual use of the panoramic format, usually reserved for actual vertical structures, like skyscrapers and bridges etc. I searched for a ground pattern to lead into the sunset, which would also have nice shape and strong shadows.

Technical Matters

This was two images taken seconds apart, from the same spot, one of totally the sky, the other of totally the ground. Both exposed for their relative subjects, then merged in photoshop. Saturation boosted a little, contrast, levels and colour balance adjusted. Some distracting beach detritis removed to provide a cleaner graphic pattern. I think if it were now, I'd have picked a cleaner part of the beach and also removed more distracting bits later in PS. Layers merged, final balance, then resized and sharpened.

I still have the original files, and have always wanted to go back and redo, since my PS skills are now better, but this is a reasonable attempt.


I really like this image, and it turned out just as I had envisaged. Perhaps I need to redo it with my better PS skills, but it's still a shot that pleases me.

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Critical Light said...


I have followed my rank system for this photo.

Impact 7
This photo gave me a very good first impression. The colour, subject matter and the vertical format made it jump out at me. I like it alot.

Composition - 7
The composition is very well done. The sand ripples lead the eye into the photo toward the sun and also gives a sense of distance. The cloud formation adds to the photo. Very nice.

Light/Colour - 8
The light and colour is excellent which is why this gets an 8. Very well balanced. The gradation of colour in the sky is wonderful and so is the subtle warm glow in the sand. It creates a really nice feeling to the whole photograph.

Technical skill - 7
The use of two photos to create this image speaks for itself. The black bits on the beach are a little distracting however, especially the one to the right in the upper lower third. There is also some sort of odd dark semi-circle that cuts across the horizon which is distracting too. Could be dirt on the sensor or something. The photo does need cleaning up.

Originality - 6
It's a sunset so it's not particularly original but there are aspects that make it original. The vertical format is excellent and shows that Ivan gave quite a bit of thought to this photo before it was created. This photo would look great in a black 10 by 17 vertical frame with mat to fit. Or on a canvas with a black background. The use of the ripples in the sand to lead the eye and create a sense of distance also adds to it's originality.

Overall 7
I really like the photo, well composed, wonderful light and colour, great technical skill and an element of originality. The photo is let down by the dark areas on the beach (too distracting) and the odd semi-circle across the horizon.

A great start!