Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Sanderlings, Sable Island, Nova Scotia

On my drive home from the very east of the island I saw these sanderlings flying up and down the beach searching for some grub. So I stopped and tried shooting a few images. The problem was that it was dusk (so little light for fast shots), the birds were moving fast but there was spectacular surf that I wanted in focus. I decided to focus on the crashing surf rather than the birds. As a result, many shots had birds entirely out of focus but a few worked reasonably well, even though in these shots the birds were not in sharp focus. Here are three.


Anonymous said...


I love these! The cropping works well with the movement in the image, so nice work there. I think the birds being part in, part out of focus is fine, as it adds to the great sense of movement and energy in the images. The image that won last years Wildlife Photographer of the Year was a very simple, blurry image of a flock of birds being chased by a bird of prey. It worked not because all the birds were in focus, but because of the shape, energy and movement in the image. These images of yours have that same kind of image, with the power of the sea too. The eye fights over what to look at, with the sea, but that kind of works here, because it is a frenetic scene. The bottom image, with little sea in it, is calmer, and has a different appeal, more about the birds than their interaction with the environment and the sea. Great wildlife pictures. You seem to have a more natural talent for the wildlife stuff than the landscape side, as I have generally been pretty impressed with those more than your straight scenic shots. I'm sure this comes from your love of the subject matter, so no surprise there. Not saying your landscapes ain't good, but I think your wildlife stuff generally has a higher hit rate of "wow" factor.

Critical Light said...


Thanks for your view. Much appreciated...