Thursday, March 09, 2006

A collection of colourful images

Here are a few colourful images to be critiqued by the Critical Eye.

Canoe, Kejimkujik National Park

Kejimkujik National Park
is a spectacular place. It comprises several large lakes within which there are numerous islands that one can camp on. This picture was taken in October when the trees were in their fall colour. I like this image because of the canoe in the foreground (gives the eye a focus), the colours in the grass, the curvature of the shoreline and the stillness of the lake.

Halifax in Fall

I just came across this image while editing a few photos. I like it because there is a great range of colour, everywhere you look. There is also a structure to the photo; grass and shrub in the foreground and then shrubs and trees in the background. There is a lot to look at. I wonder if it is too much. But it gives me the impression of a painting.

Mushrooms and tree

I think I took this photo on the same day. I like the colours in this photo because they are simple and there is good contrast. Tell me what you think...


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Anonymous said...

I like the Halifax in Fall image - it does have a painterly quality. Maybe it's a little too jumbled up, and it may benefit from a little contrast and colour boosting. The mushrooms are taken from an interesting angle too. The Canoe is too small to be a focus for me and I see the expanse of lake on one side, and the grass on the other. Better (I think) to be closer in and lower down to make more of the canoe and foreground, while still having the nice curve of the shore.