Thursday, March 30, 2006

A note: Ranking photos

There was some concern that ranking a photo was leading to more 'work'. I have just ranked Ivan's latest post and I have to say that it was actually easier and cleaner than the more conversive approach of before. It makes you think more carefully about the photo and I think leads to a better critique overall. I also found that one needs to be quite conservative in their scoring. I found myself wanting to score higher but if we do that we are going to end up with all of our photos with 8s and 9s and that is not realistic.

Ranking is still up to the individual but I would recommend a try first.


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Anonymous said...


I've just checked out your ranking, and I think you are right. Best to be realistic and leave room for improvement. None of us are that good to be consistently scoring 9's. However, when (not if) we all improve, we can (in the Spirit of "Spinal Tap") make the scale go up to 11....