Saturday, October 21, 2006

Cardington Airship Hangars

Three layers of military defence here: a twenty-first century barbed wire fence stands in front of a WW2 pillbox, guarding the former Royal Airship Works at Cardington, Bedfordshire.

Full-crop image, channel-mixed to monochrome, curves to boost contrast and then split-toned. What do you think? (click for bigness)


Ivan said...

Dark, moody and threatening. All in keeping with the barbed wire, which is sharp and detailed. The buildings in the background are fuzzy, which is fine, as it hints at what is being protected by the fencing. WWII pillbox is hard to make out and the deep shadow close to, and for me clashing with, the dark fence post. Would have worked better for me without it, as it catches my eye. Also, I'd have cloned out the whispy clouds to make a uniform sky, as they distract a little for me. Other than those relatively minor gripes, I like it a lot. Good shot.
If I had to mark it - via the old system - it would be a 7-7.5 for me; good initial impact, slightly let down by a few niggles that ultimately grow as you look at it. Well observed, non-conventional composition, and good use of DoF.

Ivan said...

Another observation. Not sure if this is an artefact of your jpeg compression, but the sky (at the point where the light blends into dark) appears to have a little posterisation, perhaps indicative of either a little too much curves/levels. You could try applying a 1-2 pixel Gaussian Blur to the sky to just take the edge off the posterisation effect.

Gareth Marlow said...

Thanks for both comments. You're right, there is some posterisation or similar. The effect appears when the two split-toned layers are overlayed and I think it's because those tones are on the cusp of "these are rendered blue" and "these are rendered yellow". I think that the key might be in playing with the "Blend if..." slider some more.

As for the rest: fair comment!