Thursday, October 12, 2006

Kent Sunset

Quick post before I go. Not in tomorrow, but wanted to leave you with something else to ponder and review.

I love this image. Another blended exposure to make sure I got some detail on the foreground plants...


Gareth Marlow said...

Just lovely. Has that slightly hyper-real feeling of fill flash rather than being an obvious blended exposure, but composition's spot on, colours are fab.

This is your signature style, Ivan. You do it very well.

Critical Light said...

Hi there,

Gareth is right. This is your signature style. You have the eye for this type of shot. And the skills of the camera and photoshop to make it happen.

Wonderful colour, great range in colour, interest, sky, flowers, dark, light; its all there.


Ivan said...


Again - many thanks for the critique. Very pleased that you like the image as much as I do. It was an amazing sunset, and I was pleased with how this image came out post PS. It does look slightly other-worldly, rather than a straight shot, but that's what I like about it.

2nd Projected Image competition tonight Gareth - you excited???

Gareth Marlow said...

I was excited last week... I would say I'm sceptical this week! :)

Ivan said...

Don't be ;-) You have a couple of great images there, and it's quite exciting/fun wondering how they'll go down. I know I got off to a good start with the first one, but now I am doubly nervous, in case that was a fluke! She was a bit inconsistent, that judge, and the one from last week was hard as nails, so who knows..?

Hopefully I'll be there at 1930. There's a chance I may not make it until the coffee break.