Sunday, October 22, 2006

Old Man in St. Mark's Square - Cloned and Repaired...


As promised, I have tried to remove the table and improve the image per the discussion on previous post.

I still have the working Photoshop file, so I may further refine (I think I see some patterns emerging in my cloning). Combination of cloning, cut and paste and transform/blending of layers used to remove and repair.


Not sure why, but I can't get the bigness to work. Hopefully does this time.



Gareth Marlow said...

That's the one! Good work, Ivan.

You going tonight?

Ivan said...

I plan to be. Kate has a pal coming round tonight, and, if all has been well with t'baby then I should be good to nip out.

This bigness thing is pissing me off - I am checking back over my previous posts, which DID link to bigger pics, to suss out why...



Gareth Marlow said...

Hi Ivan,

Change of plan; the in-laws (girlfriend's parents: in-common-laws?) are here tonight and so I can't make it, alas. The week after is the exhibition opening at the Guildhall, and hope to be there.

As for bigness, did one of the other two think it might have been related to original image size (KB, not px)? I think the ones I've chucked up are under 200KB even full-size. That could be it.