Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Lady With Umbrella

What is the photo of

A lady smoking in the rain, holding an umbrella in front of Le Banc du Secret

When was the photo taken

10 October 2006, Tuesday 10am

Where was the photo taken

Montreal, downtown

Why was the photo taken

I was standing waiting for the rain to stop and I saw this lady smoking standing in front of the Sculpture. I had tried to photo this sculpture earlier but was not happy with the result. I felt that there was an intimiacy between the lady smoking (animate) and the sculpture (inaminate) and that stopped me and raised my camera. There was also a similarity between the colour of the umbrella and the colour of the flowers in the bed. The action of the lady smoking seemed to emphasise this connection.

Why was this composition chosen

It was chosen to emphasise the connection between the lady and the sculpture. The original photo included a lot more and this was removed through a tight crop to focus the eye on what really matters.

How was the photo taken

Due to the rain, there was little light. I also needed to use my lens at its full focal length.
Raw. Adobe RGB. ISO 1600. 1/60th atf 5.6 85mm focal length.

How was the photo processed

White balance, exposure, brightness, contrast and saturation were adijusted in Camera RAW. In PS, I cropped the image tight and sharpened it.

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