Friday, October 27, 2006

Miksang-ed out

Hi all,

After some thought, when I really should be working, I have come to a decision. I have tried to portray a different style of photography that is called Miksang, Tibetan for 'good eye'. However, I seem to be generating frustration and confusion. And now I understand why: it is not about the image, it is about the experience. I cannot submit a Miksang photo and hope others to see what I see.

I am going to join Michael Wood (instigator of the teachings of Miksang) in failing to portray this style of photography to fellow photographers. Oh well...I did try....

But I commend Ivan on trying...perhaps when I am in England again we will go for a little walk with our cameras...


1 comment:

Ivan said...


I'd be more than happy to go for that me what it's like to photograph Miksang.

I think the point I was making all along is that the images are no different from detail shots we can all do. If the feeling behind it is different, then that's something else altogether...