Friday, October 20, 2006

Reculver (Kent) Sunset


An end-of-the-week posting from me, just to get our reviewing juices going.

Techy bit: curves, saturation, levels and cropping all tweaked, but little else. A bit of cloning to remove some distracting elements (signs, debris).

Comments, suggestions (and yes, it IS a similar format to others - I was going through a phase; kind of still there, really....).


1 comment:

Gareth Marlow said...

Excellent shot. Interesting foreground; enhanced sense of perspective; excellent shadow details given the lighting.

Is it sharp front to back? I'm frustrated that I can't enlarge it (again!) so it's not easy to tell. I think I like the colour of the sea most of all. Only negative comment is that it feels a little "thin" - was the cropping a compositional choice, or to exclude some elements? The building on the headland has ended up slightly too close to the edge of the frame for me, but this is a minor niggle.